2012. július 16., hétfő

Tell the world I'm coming home...

I had to say goodbye. I had to say goodbye to the hotel, the buildings, the stations, the trains, the people, everything. I slept almost all the way to the airport, haha ~ I didn't want to cry that much, but I just couldn't help it. Especially when I hugged Kaorin and Taka and said goodbye.. oh my...I don't wish that feeling to anyone. But I guess most of you know how it feels. I absolutely didn't want to come back to Hungary. I wanted to stay there. Get lost, live on the streets, whatever, I don't care. I still feel so uncomfortable. I don't know what to do :(

8 hours left till Amsterdam..

Kitti-chan I got from Taka <3

om nom nom nom
om nom nom nom 2

cutest thing from Taka <33 I didn't find it until I opened my passport...reeally really tricky, hahaha

I cried so much at the airport, on the plane, and at home too.. People were staring at me like crazy, no surprise...crying gaijin girl holding a huge plushie broccoli and a Hello Kitty wearing kimono, really weird...

I miss all my friends. It was such a great and happy time meeting you guys! Hope to see you again soon!! <3333

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