2012. július 6., péntek

3 days in one post (Sanrio Puroland and my sore throat)

Okay, so. Sorry for not blogging for a couple of days now c: (4 days maybe? whatever)
Starting with the bad things, I got a sore throat and I was really weak during the last 2 days. Didn't really go anywhere. So I don't really have anything to say :D
But let me tell you a bit about Puroland ~~

It's pure cuteness! Oh My God!! I loved it soo much ~ We were lucky enough to arrive in time for the show they usually give. As the main character of Sanrio, Hello Kitty stands out a looot. And it was sooo amazing. I nearly cried. Well, we were surrounded by children and their parents, and suddenly I felt like I was 5 years old again. I've never felt this happy before.

Welcome to Puro Village!

I was totally amazed...

soooo cute and so tinyyy


Princess Kittyyy ~

that bird was moving, soooo scary :D

if you go with your partner, both of you have to place your hands on those mirror-like things on the 2 sides, and hold hands in front of that mirror in the middle. then the screen shows you how well you get on with your bf or gf. Kaorin and I had 80% hahaha

OMG, smelled sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sweet


couldnt resist this nekomimis ~ i covered my face cuz this was the time I started being sick T.T

So that was the Sanrio Puroland c: We had to travel reeeeally far! :D But it was worth it <3

In the next post, I'll share all the makeups I bought recently c: Get ready! Gyaru-related post is coming, hahaha

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