2012. július 16., hétfő

Shibuya night, but nothing interesting ;3

I just realized that I forgot to mention an important thing about Sunday, the day when we went to Ikebukuro  ~ I met Taka ! yay ^3^ He is awesome ~ <3 I didn't talk to him before I went to Japan, but he seemed really nice so I wanted to meet him ( he wanted to meet me too, haha) We met up near his workplace (a bar at Tokyo Solamachi, right next to Sky Tree) Amaaaazing view! *-* Look:

We also had some drinks. The most amazing ones!

I met him on Monday too, we went to Odaiba at night, it was sooooo pretty!!!! T.T

I was getting a bit sick, but we met up with Kaorin's friend Ayaka, and went to Round1~ That girl is soo cute and the place is so amazing~ Lots of games, lots of fun <3
I also met up with Taka that day and went out for drinks to Shibuyaaaa! There is a bar called The Scramble, its pretty awesome ~ It's all about American R&B ~Some pics from that day:

karaoke at Round1 , hahah

cute thingy I gave to Taka ~

Shibuya around 5 am ~ LOL

In fact, Tuesday was pretty awesome ~ loved it to the max <3

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