2012. július 16., hétfő

Last day in Japan :(

My last day came... We planned to meet our other friend, Noel, to go up to Sky Tree, but the wind was too strong so it wasn't allowed... So we were just walking around and talking, hahaha
I met Taka, of course ^^ (4 days in a row, nyuu *-*) He finished work around 6 pm, so I went back to Sky Tree at that time. We went to Roppongi!! Its such an amazing place! LOT of foreigners, it's true :D I got to try real sushi, first time in my life haha ~ We found a niiice Japanese restaurant ~ I tried sake too ~~

I loved it so much, will go back for sure ^^

Almost the happiest moment of 2 weeks: WE FOUND GASPANIC! OMG .____________. I've been dreaming about going there for like 4 years!! I was so happy T____T As the time passed by, more and more people started to come, and almost all of the girls were gyarus!! *.*

zebra-printed floor, AWESOME!!  

I have to admit it, I got a bit drunk, hahaha. But it was fuun <33 It was so sad to say goodbye :( I had to  pack for the next day ~ Taka was there and helped me (or not, haha) ~~

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