2012. július 28., szombat

Back from Greece!

Hey guys! Sorry for not blogging :) I just got back from Rhodes island, from Greece :) It was a pretty nice holiday ~~ Anyways, I'm going away again for one week, from Tuesday. I'll try to update my blog from my phone, but I don't think it will actually work :D Never mind ~

I feel like writing another post about Greece, since it's really late now and I don't really have the capacity to write now, LOL

However, my next post will be dedicated to my everlasting love, the LEOPARD PRINT hahaha♥ I'll be showing off all my leopard-printed stuff c: and I have a few, haha ~~ will be exciting, even for me, because I have no idea how I got this attached to leopard print LOL ~

Anyways, see you guys tommorrow ^^


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