2012. július 8., vasárnap

Ikebukuro ! Getting lost and getting a lot of rain. brrrrr

Hey cuties!

So yesterday, we went to Ikebukuro to visit around a bit. We found a Matsumoto Kiyoshi there -.- " hahaha. So I picked out another Puff de Cheek blush. I also found a cuuuute makeup brush set and finally the Dolly Wink eyelash case <3 and of course some lashes (by Jewerich (No.1))!


So from Ikebukuro sta. we had to take a short walk. We didnt have special plans but it started to rain, so we decided to go to Sunshine City (huuuuge huuuge shopping mall)

my legs look broken, LOL

Inside of the mall, I found a BABY SHOOP shop!! OMG!!! AND THE STAFF! let me die. They got a wonderful tan and had sooo long sexy legs ;_____;  (didn't take photos of them, my bad T.T)

view from Sunshine City

loovely c:

my look ~~

bought that cuuuute hair clip <3
Ikebukuro is reeeally nice, truely a place to spend money, hahaha. And you can also experience the massive Japanese crowd feeling. Yay :D
On our way home, we took the right train to the right direction, but didn't realize we already left the station we needed. Kaorin was asking me and I was also asking her, if we left the station or not, finally noticed it after 10 stops, ooooh mygosh :D so we left Ikebukuro around 7 pm and got home at 9, this journey is basically supposed to be like 40 minutes long, LOL. congrats gaijins :D

That was me in Ikebukuro ~~

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