2012. július 3., kedd


Today was such a greeeat day! We met my friend, who is half-hungarian and half-japanese. He is soooo cute c: He even agreed to do some purikura with us, hahaha.

I'm collecting purikuras, cuz I want to stick them on my new mirror and my laptop. It will be so cute :3
Okay, so Odaiba. It's awesome!! A lot of places to shop. Even too many, haha. We took the Yurikamome Line and got off at Daiba station. It was already raining TT So we just ran into the first shopping mall we found. And it was a good choice. I found the shoes I've been dreaming of for quite a while now.

They have everything I have on my Wishlist:

Majolica Majorca !!

When I saw this I was already dead.

I also found a shop called PinkLatte ~ They sell soooo many awesome things! For example Candy Doll and Dolly Wink stuff. Bought the Vanilla Beige lipstick immediately <3 It works soooooo well! Love it!!

aaaaaand Diamond Lash! Will buy the bigger pack tho ~ :3

I got a Hello Kitty circle lens case too c: sooooo cute!

Picture time!

KARA advertisement at Family Mart :"D

Rainbow Bridge ~

FUJI TV! (friend-taken,cuz I forgot to bring my camera TT""")

cutieees <33

takoyaki! *w* (was super hot, my tongue still hurts a bit, haha)

New York... :"DDD
Boredom alone at the hotel: (tried out my new lashes and the lipstick ^^)
Oh, I forgot to tell that I dyed my hair with the Palty Sparkling Blonde. Well, I kinda disliked the color at first, but now Im getting myself to like it. I'll need to dye it one more to get the perfect color. ^^

Thats all for today ^^ We are going to Sanrio Puroland tomorrow ~~ Will get some kawaiiness-overdose, yaaaay ! <333

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