2012. július 16., hétfő

Blogger doesn't let me to give a title to this post so... JUST SHIBUYA 109 <33
We went to Shibuya and "visited" marukyuuuu!

Funny things happened that day. A Japanese guy came to us, asked for photos, turned out he's working for a Japanese fashion website called TranStyle. He liked our outfits so...we just let him to take those photos ^^

You can see the pics here:
http://transtyle.jp/contents.php?user_id=212 yay! ^^

I got (almost) everything I wanted. Didn't buy CO&LU pants :(  They weren't THAT ridicilously expensive, but I rather wanted to spend that money at d.i.a., hahaha
I ended up with a skirt and top from XOXO, hot pants from Takaraya, chain belt thingy from Mars and a belt and top from d.i.a. <333 I was already carrying a lot of stuff when we went to d.i.a., so the cashier guy took all those and put them into a huge d.i.a. zebra-printed bag OMG <33 soo pretty ^^ I also got some eyelashes ~ I'll put all this items in one post ~~

On this day, we decided to go partyin to Shibuya together! (Kaorin and me) Of course wearing our new clothes, haha.

Well...we ended up being surrounded by Japanese guys, hahahaha. They were so cool!!!

[if you have a chance, take photos with the shop staff at Ichimarukyu! they are super friendly! I didnt do it tho, I somehow forgot it T.T]

thats aaall, byebye ^^

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