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Korean district ! and Harajuku! (post of the 9th, Monday)

Guys, you all better be aware from Shinokubo [Korean district of Tokyo). It will take aaaaaaaaall your money away, hahahaha.
Okay, be serious.

We went to Shinokubo, then to Harajuku on monday. Well, the main attraction of Shinokubo are the hallyu-shops. The main street is full of this shops and of course Korean restaurants. We choosed one as we were getting really hungry. On the front door there were autographs of 2NE1, Jang Geun Suk and Korean starts like this. I was craving for seafood so I ordered octopus bibimbap. I wanted to try sannakji, but they didn't have it :( This is how it looked like:


The restaurant :3

Too bad you can't take photos inside of those shops. OMG! They have sooo much stuff! Like everything! Shoes, caps, calendars,necklaces etc.... Incredible :D Fangirl-paradise, hahaha
 So I got myself a baseball cap with "BoyFriend" on it . Looks sooo good <3 Also bought B.A.P's second album, and some other stuff like B.A.P iPhone chain, and MBLAQ charmies <3 And of course, some magazines :D

Harajuku was even better! OMG! A dream really came true. As we got to Takeshita dori, we went do some purikura!it was so much fun ^^

the end of Takeshita-dori

 It's completely different from all the pictures I saw. (Just like every other places).
But the people...The people are the same, awesome, unique and perfect ;____; Loved it so much! Got a pair of shoes and also pants that day. I'll show them in another post :)

[Don't talk to the black people, there are a lot of them in Harajuku .____.]

This was it in short ^^

bye guyss ~~

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